Homes for Sale in Central Austin

Homes for Sale in Central Austin, Texas

There are typically 500+ homes for sale in Central Austin. Central Austin is a lively, thriving area which encompasses the University of Texas, downtown, the State Capitol complex and Zilker Park/Barton Springs. If you work centrally, then living central can be very appealing. Not having to commute from outlying areas gives you more time for work and play! And there’s so much to do in central Austin – from attending music venues, checking out local eateries, to kite festivals, you name it! Homes for sale in central Austin can be pricey – often averaging $300 per sq ft or more, depending on age and condition, views or not, and location. Central Austin has a lot of character and charm and a style for every taste. Many people enjoy walking, biking or running around Lady Bird Lake, or getting on the water in a kayak or a paddle board. There are also many festivals throughout the year, from SXSW, ACL, Pecan Street Festival, Fun, Fun, Fun Fest, and many others. When you’re looking for homes for sale in central Austin, you’ll be looking in zip codes: 78701, 78703, 78704, 78705, and 78731.

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