Austin 360 is sponsored by the Austin American Statesman and provides a movie & live music guide, restaurant reviews, and much more.

The Austin Events website provides another place to find out what’s happening in Austin – current & future events, exhibits, music venues, etc.
Demographic Information See population numbers and future estimates, housing, trends, maps, etc. provided by the Austin City Demographer.
CapMetro See a map and learn more about the MetroRail running from Cedar Park/Leander to downtown Austin, as well as other ways to get around Austin.

Austin American Statesman: See today’s top news stories and headlines, weather, sports and more. You can search for past stories, see the 8-day weather forecast and learn about upcoming events.

Parent Feedback on Area Schools: School ratings don’t tell you much about the teachers, staff or the overall feel of a school. The GreatSchools website offers a forum for parents to voice their opinions about schools, and other parents to see what’s been said.

Texas Education Agency: Education is a top priority. Here’s where you can learn more about the area schools so you can make a good decision about where you want to live and where your children will go to school. The TEA’s website has a wealth of information.

Places to Go: There are many fun places to go in Austin – from historical sites, to entertainment for kids and adults, to beautiful outdoor parks and natural areas. Click here for a list of ideas and links.

Crime in Austin: Austin has a low crime rate compared to other cities around the U.S. You can gather some information on crime in the area by going to the Austin Police Department website.