What will be inspected:
Exterior of house (siding, windows, doors, etc.)
Interior (walls, doors, ceilings, etc.)
HVAC system
Built-in kitchen appliances

Optional items:
WDI – wood destroying insects
Sprinkler system
Pool and pump

How to prepare:

1) Be prepared for the inspection to last 3-4 hours. I recommend you not be there during the inspection.
2) Change air filters if they haven’t been changed in last 30 days.
3) Replace burned out light bulbs.
4) Make sure all systems are accessible – nothing is blocking the hot water heater, HVAC, electrical panel, etc.
5) Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, if needed.
6) Repair or replace broken, damaged or missing items.

If you have moved out and the house is vacant, make sure the electricity, water and gas are on and any pilot lights are lit.

Should we have the home pre-inspected?

Having your home pre-inspected can give you an edge over the competition. When buyers see that a home has been pre-inspected, they will feel more confident buying that home knowing ahead of time the condition it’s in. This can also prevent a deal from falling apart after an inspection. Often there will be repair items that a seller is completely unaware of, but that might be of concern to a buyer. Addressed ahead of time, this can save time, money and hassle in the long run.