REALTORS® Comment on Paint Colors for 2017


interior-colors-gray-tones2When selling your home, what color should you use to paint the walls if it’s time for an update? I just read an article about grays going out in 2017, and greens and subtle blues taking over. The original article was posted on a UK blog, and was picked up by Inman News. Sometimes I find the comments after an article just as interesting as the article itself. In this case, most of the Realtors who commented said they are still using grays for walls, with accent colors.  A favorite shade of gray is called “Agreeable Beige” – ironic! Personally, in the Austin real estate market, I am still seeing a lot of gray tones. And when I take buyers into homes with the tans / earth tones, they don’t react favorably. So, at least for now, I’d still advise going with a light gray, possible Agreeable Beige!

Now for something really interesting, one of the Realtors commented that he is working on a paint fillable wall. Ever heard of that? I hadn’t. He says you can change the colors daily with the press of a button. Too much? Well, for those who are undecided, what fun! Maybe it will be the invention that a decade from now we all say, “I should have thought of that.” Or maybe not.

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