The First Steps to Take to Sell Your Home this Spring

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Will you be selling your home soon? If you’re planning to list your home this spring or summer, now’s the time to get your plan in order.

Select Your Listing Agent and Listen to Advice

To expedite your home sale and realize the most gain, your property has to be marketed and priced appropriately. As an experienced agent with a sound marketing plan and deep local knowledge of the market, I help many people in central Texas set the right price to sell their home quickly and conveniently. The first step is to meet and review the property; determine any repair, renovation or staging needs; and discuss the process of selling.  

Make Repairs and De-Clutter

Those small repair items that you’ve been meaning to do for years may have slipped your mind, but buyers walking through your home for the first time will notice. As I meet with you, I can point out some of those things you had on your “To Do” list and give you a prioritized list of things to do. De-cluttering may be a multi-step process. Once you’ve made an initial attempt to clear off counters, minimize decorations and personal photos, and pare down the furniture and accessories, I’ll walk through with my “buyers eyes” and give you final recommendations.

If you need to deal with something major, like a damaged roof or HVAC system, it’s important to take care of that prior to listing the home for sale. Buyers will expect the roof to protect the home from a rainstorm and the heating and air conditioning to work well.

If it has been many years since you last painted your home’s interior, it’s probably time to paint again. Fresh paint, including all the trim work and doors, makes a home look clean and well-maintained. My article can give you an idea of wall colors, and I can help with that, too.

In Conclusion: When working with me as your Broker/REALTOR®, you can expect the most up-to-date information on Austin market trends and what buyers are looking for so you can get the best outcome for your home sale.

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