The Benefits of Winter Home Sales

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I’d like to talk to you today about one of the most significant decisions you can make in real estate – when to put your home on the market or, in turn, to look for a new home.  You may have heard the conventional advice – wait until spring to buy or sell your home. However, winter home sales have unique benefits. In light of Austin’s popularity and amenities, its luster doesn’t dull in the winter. The home itself, its location to schools and work and the desirability of the city are important and don’t change. As a broker and sales agent, I’ve helped many clients over the years with winter home sales.


 The Key Benefits of Winter Home Sales


For Sellers

1 -Less competition. You’ll find most real estate markets flooded with new listings in the spring.  In the spring you may be one of a sea of listings in your neighborhood while in winter you may be the sole listing. Buyers may be better able to appreciate your home and focus on the positive aspects which can induce an offer sooner than you might think.

2- Great weather. Austin winters are temperate. For buyers seeking to escape icy winters, there’s no better marketing than the experience of mild and sunny days while touring homes.

3- A faster sale. Many buyers want to get moved-in before the holidays so they can enjoy their new home and enjoy the season with friends and family.

4- Unique home appeal. The glow of tasteful holiday lights and colorful decorations can uniquely showcase your home. Because buying a home is a mostly emotional experience, creating sparkle and comfort can attract and motivate buyers.

For Buyers

1- Motivated Sellers. Fewer buyers are out in the winter so sellers are usually more motivated to work with you on price and other details of the sale. If you are looking to put in a contingent offer, this can be a good time for it.  You can read more about contingent contracts here:

2- More time to look. You may have the luxury of paid days off giving you more time to focus on your home search without work distractions.

3- Attention from others.  You’ll enjoy more attention from the people that make the deal come together. Loan officers, home inspectors, moving companies and others can generally give you more attention and are more responsive to your questions.

4- Tax Advantages.  Some owners want to take advantage of selling their homes before the year ends to improve their tax situation. That makes them motivated to sell and willing to negotiate.

In Conclusion

In the final analysis, winter homes sales can be even more satisfying than other times of the year. If you want to find out more about how I can help you (in any season) with your real estate needs, please call or email me. I look forward to exploring the best options for you!


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